Its day 46 since we have started hunting for a new flat in Munich. And while we have failed to find a flat, I have managed to make infographic on the rental situation in the city and discovered some interesting facts, like the one below.

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Munich is known as a relatively pet-friendly city and you will be welcome bringing a dog in many restaurants and offices. However, most probably you will need to live with your dog in another city close to Munich, because even chances of getting COVID-19 are higher than getting an apartment in Munich if you have a dog, and just imagine if you have a child and dog. I have a friend who has both a dog and a child, and I would not like to be in his shoes. Let’s be honest, it is clearly seen that only 2.8% of landlords allow having pets, and I am pretty sure that “Not specified” also means harsh German Nein. …


Daniel Ko

Software Dev

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